10 years competition climbing
35 speed competitions
17 international speed competitions
5.84 s Personal Best
My journey...

When I was just four years old, my dad introduced me to climbing at a local gym, and I was immediately hooked. By the age of five, I joined the Climbingteam Stuttgart and started competing in kids' climbing events that included lead, bouldering, and classic speed.
As I got older, I began competing at the state and then national level, mainly in lead and bouldering since speed climbing wasn't as popular back then.
Around the age of 15, I tried speed climbing for the first time and fell in love with it. I improved quickly and even won a bronze medal in my first national speed youth cup in 2017.
While I still participated in lead and bouldering, I gradually shifted my focus towards speed climbing. In 2020, I decided to fully commit to it. The following year, I achieved a big milestone by qualifying for my first international speed competition, the European Youth Cup in Bochum, where I came in fourth.
Since then, I've had my share of ups and downs, but I'm making good progress. In 2023, I reached another major milestone by competing in a World Cup event.
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In the press
Recent competition results:
  1. 3. German Championship Duisburg
    51. World Cup Chamonix
    54. World Cup Villats-sur-Ollon
    1. South German Championship Augsburg
    7. European Cup Liébana
  2. 3. German Championship Ulm
    13. European Cup Hamburg
    20. European Championship Munich
    1. South German Championship Augsburg
    6. University World Championship Innsbruck
    19. European Cup Arco
  3. 15. Youth World Championship Voronezh
    6. European Youth Cup Zilina
    1. South German Championship Erlangen
    3. European Youth Cup Puurs
    8. European Youth Cup Imst
    4. European Youth Cup Bochum
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